Maharshi Patanjali

yogseva_Maharshi PatanjaliMaharshi Patanjali is known as the Father of Yoga. He is the founder of Ashtanga Yoga and compiled the Yoga Sutras around 3rd or 4th century BC.It is believed that Maharishi Patanjali was the avatar of Adi Shesha – the Infinite Cosmic Serpent upon whom Lord Vishnu rests. a major work containing aphorisms on the practical and philosophical wisdom regarding practice of Raja Yoga.”Yoga” in traditional Hinduism involves inner contemplation, a rigorous system of meditation practice, ethics, metaphysics, and devotion to the one common soul, God, or Brahman

His life

Patanjali was born in Bharatavarsha, India 250 BCE. His father was Angiras from Himalayas and his mother was Gonika from Kashmir. At 20 years old Patanjali married Lolupa. The son of Patanjali was Nagaputra. Patanjali learned yoga from his mother and guru Gonika and from his param guru and grandfather Hiranyagarbha. Patanjali studied Samkhya, Vedas, the Upanishads, Kashmir Saivism, Brahmanism, Jainism and Buddhism. (Patanjali’s lineage was Hiranyagarbha and Kapila) Patanjali’s incarnation of the serpent Ananta, whose name means ‘the endless one’ — and who is another form of Adisesa. Patanjali born the Lord Vishnu was seated on his serpent, Adisesa. (Adisesa is in fact one of the many incarnations of Vishnu).

While seated on his serpent carriage Vishnu was enraptured by the dancing of Lord Siva. Vishnu was so affected that his body began to vibrate causing him to pound down heavily on Adisesa — who consequently suffered great discomfort. When the dance ended the weight was instantaneously lifted. Adisesa asked Vishnu what had happened. On hearing about the dance Adisesa wanted to learn it so he could personally dance it for the pleasure of Vishnu, his lord. Vishnu was impressed and predicted to Adisesa that one day Lord Siva would bless him for his understanding and devotion and that he would be incarnated so that he could both shower humanity with blessings and fulfill his own desire to master dance. Adisesa immediately began to ponder on the question of who his mother would be. At the same time a virtuous woman named Gonika , who was totally devoted to Yoga and Lord Shiva father of yoga, was praying and seeking for someone to be a worthy son to her.

She wanted to pass on the knowledge and understanding she had gained through yoga. Concerned that, with her days on earth now severely numbered, she had not yet found a candidate, she prostrated herself before the Sun, the earthly manifestation of the light and presence of Shiva. She scooped up the only gift she could find — a handful of water — and beseeched him to bestow her with a son. She then meditated upon the Sun and prepared herself to present her simple but sincere offering. On seeing all this Adisesa — the bearer of Vishnu — knew that he had found the mother he was looking for. Just as Gonika was about to offer her handful of water to the Sun, she glanced down at her hands and was astonished to see a tiny serpent moving in her hands. She was even more astonished when, within a few moments, that serpent had assumed a human form by order of Shiva. Adisesa, who it was, in his turn prostrated before Gonika and pleaded with her to accept him as her son.